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Putting the future in focus
The state of the transactional film business 2009 31 Dec 09
This report provides a review of the U.S. markets for feature film consumption, along with some strategic thinking about potential directions going forward.
Looking to the future: Netflix and digital delivery 02 Oct 09
This report looks into the economics of digital delivery and Netflix transition to hybrid physical/digital business. Generating little revenue in its own right, Watch Instantly is a cost centre for Netflix, due to content licensing and delivery costs...
Movie Gallery files for bankruptcy again; closing 31% of stores 18 Feb 10
The number-two rental chain in the US, like Blockbuster which leads it, is feeling the pain of the debt it took on to achieve its market position; again filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection less than two years after emerging from its previous ...
2009 in film: robust box office, but disc declines put studios at a crossroads 29 Jan 10
The 2009 box office growth, combined with increased spending on digitally delivered movies, kept overall film spending virtually flat, but studios faced continued declines in their most lucrative pipeline: packaged disc sales.
Netflix and Warner agree to a 28-day holdback; will others follow? 27 Jan 10
The agreement between Netflix and Warner to create a 28-day window during which Netflix' by-mail rental service won't provide rentals of Warner new releases is the first such agreement between studios and video rental operators. For reasons specific ...
Off-screen effect: stereoscopic 3D flying from theaters to homes 25 Jan 10
3D TV, the darling of the 2010 CES, still has a way to go to convince consumers and the press. But consumer electronics and content companies both have much to gain by pushing the technology into the home, and soon. The number of major feature films ...
Comcast to take control of NBC/Universal 17 Dec 09
The nation's leading cable operator is buying control of NBC/Universal in a deal that some are criticizing as a throwback to the days when media moguls sought illusive content/distribution synergies through such mega-mergers. In fact, a look at the n...
Blockbuster's Q3 disappointing but Q4 and 2010 look brighter 11 Dec 09
After restructuring its debt obligations Blockbuster has enough cash on hand to more aggressively face growing competition from Netflix, Redbox and the expanding digital channel. The company is focusing on fewer, smaller stores, deeper depth-of-copy,...
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