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Hollywood Aftermarket
February 2010 28 Feb 10
Is there a wonderland through Alice's window? / Movie gallery files for bankruptcy; closing 31% of stores / New-release video revenue steeply declines despite strong 2009 box office / Redbox, Warner settle their differences, agree on retail window
January 2010 31 Jan 10
2009 in film: robust box office, but disc declines put studios at a crossroads / Netflix and Warner agree to a 28-day holdback; will others follow? / Off-screen effect: stereoscopic 3D flying from theaters to homes / Rental-heavy February slate hits ...
December 2009 31 Dec 09
Comcast to take control of NBC/Universal / Digital dollars for cents; preservation of existing revenue streams is key / Blockbuster's Q3 disappointing but Q4 and 2010 look brighter / January video titles and the 3D effect
November 2009 30 Nov 09
Packaged video retail disappointing in Q3 / Netflix grows subs in Q3; expects more with Q4 PS3 addition / Coinstar grows kiosk disc rental; faces supply and competitive challenges / Retailers offer deep discounts in an effort to drive sales
October 2009 31 Oct 09
Box office-to-video conversion rates: Can they be transformed? / Blu-ray set-top pricing drives hardware uptake / Coming soon to a cell phone near you...more movies
September 2009 30 Sep 09
Blu-ray retail: hardware ahead of pace, disc sales lag expectations / Video retail projections to 2014 / Blockbuster buys five years of breathing room / Online subscription rental hits stride for long-term growth / Litmus-test titles on tap for Octob...
August 2009 31 Aug 09
Rental redux: Studios break ranks on kiosk distribution / Coinstar first-half kiosk DVD rental revenue beats expectations / Telcos gaining on Pay TV incumbents / Trojan Horses: the connected living room gains momentum / A conservative second-half sce...
July 2009 31 Jul 09
Overall home entertainment down 5% in first half / Redbox lands first major studio deal / Cablevision's DVR legal win:the Betamax decision of the digital era?
June 2009 30 Jun 09
Internet video: consumer spending closes in on $1b / Video genres see varying impact from recession, BD transition / Retail video share: massmerchants, warehouse clubs and online gain ground / Studios look for ways to boost video sales, especially on...
May 2009 01 May 09
On-demand spending: Cable VOD is primed for growth / Cablevision to launch RS-DVR service /Major rental chains lose share to smaller specialists / Q1 2009 video results: the good, the bad, and the ugly / Blockbuster hopes for rebound now that refinan...
April 2009 01 Apr 09
Monetizing movie delivery on-line / NCR set to roll out Blockbuster-branded kiosks / Transition to digital TV fuels subscriber growth
March 2009 01 Mar 09
Internet movie sales and rentals jump by 79% / Network DVRs, copyright threat or facilitator of the digital lifestyle? / Consumers prefer lighthearted videos and movies
February 2009 01 Feb 09
Market share analysis reveals few winning strategies in tough year / Packaged video marketers look to turn flat to up / New-release features took biggest hit in 2008
January 2009 01 Jan 09
Despite Blu-rays' success, US video sales to decline in 2009 / Top ten sell-through titles fall short in 2008 / Rental market holds up better than sales in difficult year
December 2008 01 Dec 08
Rental Holds Up Better than Sales in 2008
November 2008 01 Nov 08
Media stock performance into and out of recessions: 1990-1991, 2001 and 2007-2008/ Hulu and YouTube and the ad-supported Internet video model / Preview of year-end data on home video performance / Only networks stocks hold up in November stock meltdo...
October 2008 01 Oct 08
Media performance during US recessions / Q3 YTD analysis of video titles by box office range / Applying new box office-to-video metrics to theatrical film performance /Media and technology stocks average only 7% decline despite wider market freefall
September 2008 01 Sep 08
DECE: Who's in and who's not / Five-year trends in high-speed access and pricing / Connected living-room devices and their content vendors / Blockbuster's price hikes and changing product mix
August 2008 01 Aug 08
Five-year projection of HDTV homes, HD network reach and HD subscriptions Projected DVD and Blu-ray shipments by genre to 2013 / Top 25 TV-on-DVD franchises ranked
July 2008 01 Jul 08
Video Bucks Trend in Recessionary Markets / Video Sell-Through Projections to 2012 Top Ten H1 '08 Blu-Ray Titles / First Half Video Results by Box Office Range
June 2008 01 Jun 08
Movie Gallery and Video Rental / Video Rental Projections to 2012 Film Release Strategies by Studio / History of Per-Release Revenue by Studio
May 2008 01 May 08
Apple Has a Movie Download Deal With the Studios / Warner Bros. Goes Day-and-Date with Video-On-Demand Digital Roll-Out by Cable Company to 2008 / The Economics of Top Videogame Titles
April 2008 01 Apr 08
In-Stream Ad Supported Video Projections to 2012 / National and Local Ad Revenue—Broadcast & Cable Sell-Through Retail Market Share by Store Type / 2007 Digital and Packaged Music Projections to 2012
March 2008 01 Mar 08
The battle for online subscribers raged in 2007 / Rental Retail Market Share by Store Type 2007 Videogame Hardware and Software Projections to 2012
February 2008 01 Feb 08
Cost of Building Blu-ray replication capacity / Five-year rental and sale projections: DVD and BD 2007 video market share totals / Analysis of 2007 Title Database by box-office bucket
January 2008 01 Jan 08
Internet video: rentals and sales to 2012 / Video retail: projected to 2012 Video rental: projected to 2012 / Top 10 video titles of 2007
December 2007 01 Dec 07
Warner going BD-only in May / Proprietary Video rental and retail history to 2007 2007 top 10 video titles / Video rental kiosk projections
November 2007 01 Nov 07
Cable/Telco VOD growing, but slowly/ Proprietary Network On-Demand Projections to 2012 Video declines dragging film revenue down/ Film Entertainment Revenue by Pipeline to 2012
October 2007 01 Oct 07
Five-year projections of DVR penetration: cable, DBS and stand-alone/ Movie Gallery's bankruptcy: likely impact on retailers and suppliers/ Blockbuster and Netflix take their battle into the digital arena / Guide to the key TV-connectivity initiative...
September 2007 01 Sep 07
Five-year projections of HDTV households and HD-service subscriptions/ First-half video shipments analyzed by box-office range/ Top TV-on-DVD franchises ranked by 2006 sales/ Fourth-quarter 2007: Superheroes to the rescue?
August 2007 01 Aug 07
Five-year projections Internet TV: downloads vs. ad-supported streaming / Home video 2007: Can the summer blockbuster's save the year? /Five-year projections of DVD, HD DVD and BD updated
July 2007 01 Jul 07
Five-year projections of traditional and subscription video rentals/ Rental projections by HD format—Blu-ray v. HD DVD/ Five-year projections of the ad-supported Internet video market
June 2007 01 Jun 07
First-Quarter 2007 HD Disc sales-per-household analysis/ Video Sell-through to 2012 projection model Feature v. non-feature units and revenue by type to 2012/ Blockbuster v. Netflix: Latest pricing moves analyzed
May 2007 01 May 07
Network TV Upfront to include online advertising/ Video Rental concerns on Wall Street DVD and HDV revenue for the top Q1 '07 titles
April 2007 01 Apr 07
The Impact of DRM-less Music/ Music Projections—downloads v. CDs—to 2011 Retail sell-through share by type 2006/ High-speed Internet access projections to 2011
March 2007 01 Mar 07
Apple and Microsoft on the set-top / Rental Retail Market Share 2006 The economics of rental kiosks / 2007 box-office and video sales preview
February 2007 01 Feb 07
Blockbuster's Total Access Program / Video rental projections to 2011 Studio video market share 2006 / Impact of window shrinkage by B.O. range
January 2007 01 Jan 07
Combination HD players and discs/ Updated video sell-through projections to 2011 Internet-to-TV connection not yet a reality/ Investors eat up Blockbuster, spit out Netflix
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