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About the Titles Database
The Titles Database is a proprietary database containing initial video results for all feature films making their video debut in the US market during the period from 1996 to date.

For all feature films, the database holds individually researched estimates of unit shipments and supplier revenue. As a result, it provides estimates of first cycle video performance, including gross shipments and studio revenue in the quarter of first release, detailed by format and pipeline.

Theatrical film data includes details of their big-screen run: weeks in theaters, screens at widest release and total US box office. Films which are either released direct-to-video and or are made-for-cable/TV make up about two-thirds of the titles in an average year and are also included, to provide the most complete picture possible.

Films are listed by director, top talent and MPAA rating, along with their original release platform, run time, and a synopsis of the plot.

As the home entertainment market has evolved, the breadth of data captured has also expanded. Historical data includes VHS shipments and revenue for rental and retail. The DVD estimates begin in 2000 and are comprehensive for all titles released. From 2007, rentals and sales are available for high-definition releases, both Blu-ray and HD DVD.

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