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About US Mobile Intelligence
US Mobile Media Intelligence is one of the latest additions to our product range. It has been designed to provide a genuinely content focused approach to the US mobile media market and provides all the information you need to stay informed about trends and developments within this new and very fast growing industry.

Supported by the usual dedicated team of analysts, US Mobile Media Intelligence has been built from the bottom up to ensure it covers al aspects of the industry, including:

  • Market background: by subscriptions, 3G, ARPU split by voice, messaging and content
  • Market Share: by mobile operator for subscribers, 3G and the content market
  • Revenues: by blended, prepay and contract ARPU; voice, messaging and content ARPU
  • Mobile TV: Service overviews, historical and forecast revenues
  • Mobile Music: Service overviews, historical and forecast downloads, historical and forecast revenues
  • Mobile Games: Service overviews, historical and forecast revenues

The industry is continuously monitored to ensure the data is fully up to date and accounts for al the latest news, developments and any regulatory impacts. The spreadsheet format is also used to ensure you can manipulate and extract the information you need for your own projects, plans and to support you in the strategic decision making process.
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