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About US Advertising Intelligence
US Advertising Intelligence offers you up to the minute information on the US advertising industry. The service provides everything you need to keep pace with advertising revenues and forecasts, as well as funded media, so you can make more informed investment decisions and take advantage of long term trends.

US Advertising Intelligence is supported by our team of dedicated advertising analysts who work to keep data on all aspects of the US market up to date, including:

  • Market Overviews: background spend and revenue, by media (tv, internet, radio, etc)
  • Forecasts: year on year growth and longer term by media
  • Television: revenue and performance broken down by channel
  • New digital media: emerging markets such as mobile, digital out-of-home, etc

All the data and research is updated continuously and therefore very quickly accounts for all the latest news releases, spend data and regulatory changes. Available in spreadsheet format, you can also undertake your own additional analysis and integrate findings into your own projects and reports.
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