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Hollywood Aftermarket Newsletter: Topics & Data by Issue

September 2006
Internet Movie Services—Rentals, Sales, Subscription
Cable/DBS/Telco Movie Rental Projections
2nd Quarter Top Titles Ranking
1st Half Video Performance By B.O. Range

August 2006
In-Stream Video Advertising
Internet Advertising Market Projections
Video Game Software Spending
Video Game Market Projections

July 2006
Internet video sites launch download-to-burn
Will ad-supported video-on-demand pay?
Rental company stocks get no respect
The growth is in subscription DVD rental
Updated Video Rental Projections to 2010

June 2006
Updated DVD Sell-Through Projections
CE Stores First in High-Def DVD Movie Sales
2005 Retail Market Share by Class of Trade
MSOs cut prices in battle for High-Speed Access Market Broadband Projections to 2010

May 2006
History of Beta vs. VHS: Implications for Hi-Def 
Movie Gallery Exceeds Expectations, Abandons VHS 
2005 Rental Market Share by Channel
First Quarter '06 Top Titles


April 2006
Toshiba Introduces HD-DVD Players
Proprietary Network VOD Projections
Digital Cable Households by Company
TV-DVD Market

March 2006
Studios Launch Electronic Sell-Through
VOD and EST Cannibalization of DVD Analysis
Subscription Rental Market Projections
Studio 2005 Video Market Share

February 2006
Film Entertainment Lessons From IN Music
MovieBeam Rolls Out
Rental Projections To 2010
2005 Titles Performance by Box Office Range

January 2006
CES '06 Report
Studios Begin to Embrace P2P Model
The Impact of High-Def on Future DVD Sales
Video Sell-Through Projections to 2010
The Indie Window Experiment

December 2005
DVD Sales Growth Slows
Sales and Rentals of DVD & VHS 1999-2005
UMD Sales Grow Market
PSP and UMD Sales Projections to 2010 Top Titles ‘05


November 2005
Shorts, Mini-Episodes Open the Market
Studio Internet Initiatives
Internet Video Spending Projections to 2010

October 2005
Rental company stock performance
Blockbuster reinvents the video rental business
Rental stores battle for share: 2004 Rental Retail Market Share by Store Type
Online and In-store Subscription Rental Projections
DVD sales impacting rentals

September 2005
High Def stand off could limit sales growth
Video Sell-Through Projections
Telco TV service rolls out in test market
DBS subscription counts
Cable's Digital Roll-Out by Company

August 2005
DVD sales growth slowing
Blockbuster gives up late fees
Video Rental Projections to 2010
First Half Video Performance by Box Office Range
Q2 2005 Top 25 Video Titles

July 2005
Video-On-Demand growing, but slowly
Traditional A La Carte Networks Projections to 2010
Next-gen video games offer new plays for movie studios
Video Game Market Projections to 2010


June 2005
Box office and video: the mid-year report
Retail squeeze slowing video sales
Retail Market Share by Store Type 2004
Retail Category Leaders
Digital & HDTV Projections to 2010

May 2005
The studios are keenly watching Internet-audio sales take off
Internet Audio Projections to 2010
New release video rebounding in Q1
Q1 2005 Top 25 Titles
Shorter video windows yield mixed results in ‘04

April 2005
Studios experiment with shrinking windows
Film Entertainment Projections by Pipeline to 2009
Set-top manufacturers are ready to ride the high-speed wave
DSL & Cable Modem Subscribers by Company
High Speed Access Projections to 2009

March 2005
Wall St. backs Movie Gallery bid for Hollywood Video
Revenue by TV DVD Property
Non-Feature Video Projections to 2009
Music video finding its market on DVD

February 2005
Video sales steal rental’s thunder: studio rental revenue declining
Video Rental Projections to 2009
Warner takes the lead: Studio Video Market Share
Catalog and non-feature gain prominence on DVD


January 2005
DVD sales continue to astound
Video Sell-Through Projections to 2009
Digital TV sales close out torrid 2004
Internet TV on display at CES
2004 Video Titles Performance by Box Office Range

December 2004
Media portfolio review: Wall St. smiles on digital delivery
DVD breaks all the rules: Home video in DVD era
2004 sees record shipments of new release video titles
2004 Top Video Titles

November 2004
Movie Gallery v. Blockbuster: Rental weakness sparks battle to get bigger
Big Three valuations and retail revenue history
SBC/Microsoft: Can telcos save VOD?
Cable Digital Roll-Out by Company
HD-DVD gains studio support

October 2004
New set-tops will bridge the gap between PC and TV
DSL price cuts slice into cable modem gains
DSL & Cable Modem Subscribers by Company
High Speed Access Projections to 2009
Top 50 Full Season Sets of TV DVD

September 2004
Rentailers look to subscription model
Rental Retail Market Share by Store Type
Video Rental Projections to 2009
First Half Video Performance by Box Office Range
One Ring rules: Top Second Quarter Titles


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