Video-On-Demand: The Future of Media Networks

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Index to Figures
Executive Summary

  1. What Is Video-On-Demand
       Paying For TV: Subscription v. La Carte
       The Dawn Of Digital Video
       The Arrival Of Video-On-Demand
       On-Demand Alternatives
       Other Studio Movie Ventures
  2. Proprietary Networks: The Traditional Approach
       Cable: Finally Making The VOD Dream Come True?
       DBS: Competition Driving Innovation
       Telcos: Is It Finally Time?
       Proprietary Network VOD: How The Battle Shapes Up
  3. Internet VOD
       Early Studio Efforts On The Internet
       TV-On-Demand And Other Post iTunes Initiatives
       High Speed Access: Making The Connection
       Peer-To-Peer Services: Speeding Up The Download Process
       Connecting The TV To The Internet
       Internet Music: The Proof Is In The Downloads
       Proof Of Concept: "I Want My DVD"
       Strategic Imperatives Will Drive Electronic Sell-Through
  4. VOD: Business Model Of The Future
       Traditional Subscription Networks
       Cable/Telco La Carte Services
       Internet VOD Industry

      Appendix: The AMR Video-On-Demand Model

Index to Figures

Executive Summary
             Per-TV Household Spending On Movies: '81-'85
                The Future Of Electronic Movie Delivery Spending

  1. What Is Video-On-Demand?
       Movie Spending Per TV Household
       Aftermarket Comparison
       2005 Total Movie Transactions
       DBS's Impact On Studio ALC Revenues
       VOD HH v. VOD Spending Per Digital Household
       Participation v. Revenue
       Growth Of High-Speed Households
       Studio VOD Interests
       VOD Distribution Networks & Consumer Propositions
  2. Proprietary Networks: The Traditional Approach
       Pure-Play Network Stocks
       Projected Growth Of Digital Network Households
       Cable's Shift To Digital
       VOD Months-To-Payback Analysis
       Digital Disc and Digital Network Households
       PPV/VOD Window: 2004 v. 2005
       DBS NVOD 199402000 v. Cable VOD 1999-2005
       DBS Forced Cable's Digital Play
       Cable Digital Household By Company
       Household Growth: The First 7 Years
       Spending Growth: The First 7 Years
       DBS Subscribers By Company
       Growth in DVR Households
       DSL Subscribers By Company
       U.S. Digital Wireline Subscriptions
       Annual CD Buys v. Penetration of U.S. Households
       Annual VOD Rentals v. Penetration
  3. Internet VOD
       Studio Revenue Growth
       Studio Home Video Revenue
       Consumer Pending On Internet VOD
       Movie Sites Offering Major Studio Product
       High Speed v. Cable VOD-Enabled Households
       Average Movie Download Times
       U.S. PC and TV Household Connectivity
       Cable Modem Household By Company
       Getting Internet To The TV
       Year-End Active Game Household
       iTunes Rights
       Audio Downloads v. Subscriptions
       Top Internet Music Sites
       Internet Audio: History And Projections To 2010
       The Internet Marketplace
       Online Content Spending
       In-Home Entertainment: Consumer Propositions
  4. The On-Demand Model Of The Future
       U.S. Media-Enabled Households In 2005
       Projected Growth Of Digital Network Households  
       Proprietary Network ALC Homes
       Monthly Movie Buy Rates
       Proprietary Network Movie Spending
       La Carte Movie Spending
       INternet Conectivty
       TV-Connected High-Speed Market
       PC-Only High-Speed Market
       Internet Video Consumer Spending
       Internet VOD Supplier Revenue
       VOD-Using Households
       Supplier Revenue From Electronic Delivery Movie Services

     Appendix: AMR's Video-On-Demand Projection Model