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RPT-101 Video-On-Demand: The Future of Media Networks

In the wake of all the download-to-own launches this year—by iTunes, Amazon, AOL Video, and Guba—AMR has revised its 10-year projection model of the on-demand business. The updated model in Excel format is now included with the purchase of the 2nd edition of AMR's 108-page management report, Video-On-Demand: The Future of Media Networks. 

Now that the studios have licensed films for download-to-own distribution, understanding the financial implications of VOD on your business have become more important than ever. This management report from Adams Media Research will help you identify business growth opportunities that are emerging as consumer spending on the new medium takes off.

Covers All Delivery Platforms, Technologies, and Revenue Streams
This report analyzes VOD trends, technologies and business models in the Internet-based electronic movie markets—download-to-own, pay-per-view rental, and subscription—and in the subscription TV market—cable, DBS and the emerging telco video services. Market findings, data and analysis are organized by distribution technology. Included in the report are:

  • Internet electronic sell-through spending and revenue
  • Internet rental spending and revenue
  • Internet subscription spending and studio revenue
  • Proprietary subscription network PPV/VOD consumer spending and studio revenue        
  • Per-HH movie spending in all the existing Hollywood aftermarkets through ‘05
  • VOD economics from the cable operator’s point-of-view
  • The impact of mobile technologies and distribution platforms
  • Opportunities for utilization of P2P file networks

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Most Up-To-Date, Detailed and Sophisticated Model Available
The AMR Video-On-Demand model available with this report is part of the AMR integrated Video/VOD Model; the most sophisticated and detailed model in the entertainment industry.  Findings are summarized in 100 rows of data input and dependant variable calculation extracted from the 1,000+ row Adams Media Research master Video/VOD Model.  Report findings feature Adams’ market insight, trend and diagnostic data. 

It also includes a detailed, narrative walk-through of the assumptions and conclusions behind the projections.  Consumer spending and studio revenue projections in part take into account:

  • Broadband and cable vs. DSL home penetration
  • The emergence of TV connectivity devices
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) home penetration and their likely role in the on-demand future 
  • AMR’s exclusive projection model of the entire à la carte network business: cable, DBS and Internet.
  • The impact DVD sales have had on VOD’s launch.
  • A separate projection model of the Internet music business and comparison to nascent Internet movie business
  • Enabled household counts, per-household consumption

It’s Current!  Includes Recently Updated 10-Year Projections
Included with purchase of the report is AMR's latest projections of consumer spending and film revenue from Internet-based and cable/DBS video-on-demand through 2015. AMR's updated 10-year market forecast recognizes the impact of the Web-top initiatives, the emergence of Telco-TV, and the factors that have impeded Cable/DBS buy rates.

In addition to receiving an Excel spreadsheet with AMR's updated VOD model, the report itself includes a thorough discussion of the history of video-on-demand, our view of what it will take to succeed, and a discussion of the most recent initiatives and their implications on VOD's future.  These include:

  • TV-On-Demand
  • Details on each studio’s VOD deals and investments
  • Analysis of the strategic imperatives of cable and telephone companies and their likely impact on the development of VOD
  • The importance of developments in TV connectivity devices
  • The industry’s exploration of P2P file sharing as a legal distribution platform.
  • The opportunities generated by the entrance of Apple, Intel and Cisco into the space

15% Discount for Hollywood Aftermarket Subscribers
As with all AMR Reports and Data & Projection Models, Hollywood Aftermarket newsletter subscribers receive 15% off the purchase price listed below.  The discount will be calculated automatically during store check-out.

To find out how your business can best take advantage of the emergence of video-on-demand, select a report format below, or give us a call at 831-624-0303.

With purchase of either format, an Excel file of the updated AMR Video-On-Demand model will be emailed to you upon order confirmation.

This item is available in the following formats:
  • Print only  $1995.00

    The print version includes up-to-date spreadsheets of model data and can be shipped within one business day of transaction completion.

  • Online and print  $3990.00

    The online PDF version of the report is available for immediate download upon completion of the transaction. A print copy of the report is also included with purchase.

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