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RPT-801 Video On The Internet 2008

This past year studios and other video content providers have been trying to decide whether the Internet will fufill its promised potental. In-stream, ad-supported video has arrived via Hulu and Apple TV is offering $3.99 digital rentals. TV and other non-feature grossed $175 million in digital sales and $187 million through in-stream, ad-supported revenue in 2007. The market is clearly picking up steam but the salient question is whether to jump in now while risk is high or wait a few years until the waters are safer but many of the best first-in opportunities have dried up.

Feature Films and Non-Feature Video
Video On The Internet 2008, the management report from Adams Media Research, is an industry study that looks at feature and non-feature Internet video content - providing analysis of all transactional and free/ad-supported revenue streams and discussion of factors such as connectivity, living room and portable hardware, new vs. traditional distribution channels, pricing, consumer behavior, and more. 

Findings From AMR's Internet Video Model
The analysis presented in Video On The Internet 2008 is based on findings from AMR's Internet Video model, containing projections to 2012 of:

  • Consumer spending and supplier revenue for feature film and non-feature video download-to-own transactions and consumer spending on subscription video services.
  • Internet video ad spending, broken down by type of video content including: music video, news/sports/information, television, user-generated content, other entertainment, and feature films.

Comprehensive Overview of All Revenue Pipelines
AMR's Video On The Internet 2008 report, available in PDF, provides data on all four Internet distribution revenue pipelines—download-to-own, rental, subscription, and in-stream advertising. The data is presented in 13 graphs and tables over 24 pages and includes the following:

  • Consumer spending on Internet video by type 2005-2012
  • U.S. households with high-speed access 2000-2007
  • Top U.S. video sites by unique users 
  • Video streams served by the top Internet video sites
  • Spending on transational video vs. ad-supported 2005-2012
  • Ad-supported TV revenue to studios: broadcast, cable, syndication
  • Advertiser spending on Internet video by type 2005-2012
  • Spending and studio participation margin by film entertainment pipeline 
  • Paid Internet video transactions: feature vs. non-feature 2005-2012
  • Sales of portable video-enabled devices    

Also Available: The Detailed Model in Excel Format
For those who need all the detailed thinking behind AMR's projections—active households, consumption-per-household, pricing, content supplier revenue—a downloadable projection model in Excel format is also available. The Internet Video model includes two spreadsheets covering the advertising and paid content models on the Internet, with 116 rows of data. Purchasers of the report can add the model for just $400, a discount of 33% off the regular $595 purchase price.

15% Discount for Hollywood Aftermarket Subscribers
As with all AMR Reports and Projection Models, Hollywood Aftermarket newsletter subscribers receive 15% off the purchase price listed below.  The discount will be calculated automatically during store checkout.

If you need a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities afforded your business by the growth in online video, order the report below, or give us a call at 831-624-0303.

Format: Downloadable PDF
Updated: February 2008

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